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How many spells can you collect, and how fast can you use them?

Play alone, or with up to three friends through online multiplayer. Choose one of the four elemental wizards to start with, or one of the 2 secret unlock-able ones. Shoot, blast, and explode waves of unique enemies while trying not have the same done to yourself! Hone your skills playing through 32 fast paced levels complete with 4 bosses. Collect a spell every other floor out of the 140+ individual abilities along the way to assist on your climb to the top. When your keyboard is half filled with abilities, the real fun can start! Can you make it to the top of the Combo Wizard Tower?

As this project is still in development, there may be some bugs or balance issues that may hinder gameplay. I will try my best to fix any issues or bugs that are addressed.


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Please make it so that particles disappear from the ground after some time. The fps drops are insane in end levels with a group of people.

Otherwise really great game.

How do I connect to a server?

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You or a friend needs to host a server via port forwarding; if you need help port forwarding you can look that up on YouTube because it is different for each kind of router. You will then need to connect to your friends public ipv4 and you can check if the port is open using a port checker while the server is open. If you are having issues connecting after port forwarding you might need to make an exception in your firewall or you can disable if while you play as an easier solution.

Note: if you have an apple router you will not be able to port forward as easily as other routers.

Deleted 3 years ago

Great Game!!
I deal with a bug:
In the second boss, the ice one, i was using a earth mage and i push the boss body out of the map, on a corner.


Can you make it so you can play with friends localy? Thanks!

No, that wouldn't work out due to the nature of the game and how it uses lots more key binds as the game goes on.

By that I mean using controllers.

Same would go for a controller as there are limited buttons.

How many buttons do we need?

at most 18